Asset Protection London

Asset protection in London is a specialist arm of the security business provided by SPARTAN. As such due to the nature of the complexity of effective asset protection, many security organisations cannot provide this unique, qualified but necessary service.

By definition, an asset is

“A valuable thing or person”


“An item of property owned by a person or company regarded as having value or legacy.”

Protection of one’s legacy is a key focus for business as well as trading futures. Legacy can define a person, an heirloom or business and could be an item, component, skill or knowledge that cannot be replaced or replicated with ease. This key object or intellectual property could value and define a person or company. It could also be a route to success where you have a competitive advantage.

Asset protection in London or in a fixed location whether of public display, private collection, family heirloom or intellectual programme is covered by SPARTAN Residential/Business Protection Services.

Security protection of an asset in a non-fixed location requires enhanced protective services with a positive security solution and logistical support.

Insurance Solutions

Your insurance broker may require enhanced proactive security services for an item to be released from a static location whether it is being sold, relocated, borrowed or loaned for a period of time.

By engaging SPARTAN we can liaise in confidence with your broker to assist in the obtaining of such a policy to enable the asset to be released.

Logistical Support

Movement of prestigious assets is a planned service requiring diligence, knowledge and integrity.

Working with our exclusive partners, SPARTAN represents much more than a ‘security service.’ This includes brokerage when country borders need to be traversed. Local knowledge and expertise if necessary and working with specialist contractors with enhanced protective equipment will ensure that assets of value remaining intact, unmolested and secured.

Some of our logistical security services include:

  • Abnormal Load Haulage Protection – Protection of heavy good vehicles travelling to different countries requiring specialist guard security protection
  • Transportation of key intelligence or intellectual property
  • Secure legal and business documentation protection service
  • Transportation of art and antiquities – including working with our specialist contractors providing temperature controlled environments
  • Art and antiquities loaned for exhibitions – We can provide our Level 3 Executive Close Protection Specialists to remain with the exhibit providing 24 hours security coverage
  • Jewellery and precious artefact protection
  • Protection of religious icons, artefacts and places of worship
  • Prestigious vehicles – We provide a guarding and secured service for bonded warehouses with comprehensive security cover prior to transportation of vehicles to other countries, or if multiple country borders need to be traversed. We provide this asset protection service for vehicles that are either prestigious or of high value to include services to the agricultural and pharmaceutical trade.

We also provide Level 3 Executive Close Protection operatives with advance driving skills for a unique delivery service. Please enquire directly for further information about this service.

Asset Protection Services in London To The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry presents unique challenges that are ever changing with each environment. Some of our services assisting the film and televisual business include:

  • Film set protection where assets are being loaned for the making of motion pictures or for high budget drama and other television documentaries
  • Secure script collection and delivery service
  • Secure vehicle services with protective drivers for the protection of talent and key personnel
  • Secure security services for the protection of awards for ceremonies
  • Protection of jewels and rare stones for use within film and television
  • Creating sterile environments for script read through

Specialist Static Asset Protection Security Services

As part of your insurance needs and requirements we can remain in static locations establishing a base of operations with complete discretion (as required).

Examples of specialist static security environments include:

  • Parks and buildings in the national interest
  • Estate protection
  • Museum exhibit protection
  • Protection of religious artefacts

Specialist Security Protection Services For Business And Bodies Corporate

Working with businesses and corporate intelligence; we provide these unique security services under our asset protection umbrella:

  • Protection of AGM’s and Key Personnel
  • Protection of intelligence from the public domain
  • Creating sterile environments for meetings – Full debugging service and location of unauthorised listening and filming equipment
  • Providing security sweep intelligence specialists to locate physical and electronic passive and non-passive listening devices

Why Choose Us?

Spartan Elite Security Ltd is a gathering of unique talent within the specialist security business. Going far beyond what is necessary; our staff and key personnel are trained and qualified with exceptional skills.

Working in complete confidence and providing our Clients with legal confidentiality agreements; we take security to the next level of excellence ensuring your business and assets remain yours.

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