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SPARTAN is a specialist security organisation based in Central London with its primary focus upon VIP Executive Protection, more commonly known as Bodyguard services.

In 2005 our regulatory body, the Security Industry Authority (SIA), made the provision of security services licensable and legal. In order to work legally within the UK or working abroad on UK related assignments, all security services must be undertaken by qualified and licensed people. Therefore, a valid Close Protection licence is a mandatory requirement.

The executive protection arm of SPARTAN are skilled individuals that are qualified to a level 3 standard. They possess not just their licence to work legally but our team have unique specialist security skills as well. Fully compliant with the code of practise BS7858:2019 of the British Standards Institution (BSI), we recruit from the Armed Forces, former Police Officers and highly trained and experienced civilians. As a result, we provide a unique and complete package in executive close protection skills sets.

Each unique client will always have a varying need for Close Protection and we tailor our service to each client irrespective of how challenging the situation may be or the location that is being presented.

From initial planning and constructing a procedural operational plan we continually assess safety factors when protecting the life, business needs and assets of our clients.

Our teams of males and females close protection operators are available 24/7 and on short notice.

For any enquiries please get in touch with our team. All communications are at the very strictest of confidence.

You can get in touch with us over the phone at: 0800 933 0000 or email us at

Alternatively, you can message us directly on our social media profiles.

Specialist Protective Services

For any enquiries at the very strictest of confidence get in touch with our team.

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