Yacht and Superyacht protection services in London and UK

Covering the span of the UK we provide Yacht and Superyacht protection services for the UK and foreign vessels when in port or marinas in UK waters.

Complying with British law with security officers qualified to meet the necessary standards of best practise in maritime security services. SPARTAN Elite are the perfect security and liaison service protecting vessels for an unlimited amount of time.

Figures supplied by the UK Government from the Department Of Transport have shown enormous growth in the private yacht and Superyacht sector. With an annual turnover of €24 billion, this growth business creates a fiscal benefit to the UK employing over 4,500 people alone.

Our qualified team members have relevant sea fairing experience and are qualified and certified as Ship Security Officers (SSO), Company Security Officers (CSO); all with experience of working with Ship Security Plans (SSP).

Their qualifications approved by the Maritime And Coastguard Agency (MCA) include knowledge of:

SOLAS Chapter X1-2 (Safety Of Life At Sea)

The ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facilities Security)

Developing or implementing a Port Facility Security Plan using best management practises

We also provide comprehensive services for ships and Superyachts travelling in international waters. For further information please contact us in confidence at info@spartanelitesecurity.co.uk

Examples of Ship and Superyacht services provided by SPARTAN Elite include:

  • Indentifying risks and carrying out threat and risk analysis
  • Establishing emergency procedures and contingency plans
  • Drone control measures
  • Verification of security needs and inspection of necessary documents to assist and enhance the Ship Security Plan
  • Monitoring of CCTV central station and access and egress control
  • Liaison with port officials and vessel inspections
  • Maintaining regular security system checks, tracking devices, searchlights and pressure sensors
  • Providing qualified divers for hull inspections
  • Protection of tenders and escorting services when disembarking or welcoming guests onboard
  • Security sweeping services and creating sterile environments
  • Provision of medical specialists
  • Providing translators
  • Provision of specialist K9 units when in port
  • Provision of chauffeurs and security drivers

Prevention of criminal activity

Whether your vessel or yacht is in port for repairs or holidays we provide an effective security solution to cater for all eventualities.

Our services are highly detailed and tailored to our Client’s needs. Each Client is unique and their security requirements will vary. Upon our understanding of our Client’s needs we will provide a tiered service around direct security protective services as well as a deterrent for external factors and criminal activity.

Some of our services in prevention of criminal activity include:

  • Location of stowaways
  • Asset protection services
  • Close Protection Escort services on land
  • Providing advance security plans and liaison service
  • Theft from cargo
  • Physical 24 hour security coverage with evidence collation processes
  • Highly overt uniformed security presence or wearing the uniform of the vessel (if required)
  • Operating a security perimeter around the ship using tenders (within the confines of port law)
  • Operating radar systems and other countermeasures


Depending on whether a vessel or Superyacht is owned, leased or hired for a special occasion; we can liaise with your facilitation or Management Company to ensure that security processes whether in port or at sea are legal as well as safe.

If you are travelling to the UK with an existing security team, we will integrate with them but also advise you (and them) that security services must be provided by those holding a British Security Industry Authority license whilst in the UK mainland and within UK territorial waters.

The SPARTAN Elite business ethos enables us to be proactive as well as flexible. Protection of Ships and Superyachts require a unique skill set from those who have appropriate experience.

For information on how to hire yacht protection services whether in port or at sea, please get in touch with our team. More information about our services can be found by visiting our blog page.

Fill the form on our contact page here and request your security consultation with one of our specialist security consultants regarding your yacht protection security requirements.

Alternatively, you can reach us over the phone at +44 (0) 800 933 0000 or email us at info@spartanelitesecurity.co.uk

All communications with us are at the strictest of confidence.

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