There are a variety of reasons why a celebrity may engage close protection services. The main reason is that people want to feel secure while working, travelling, and spending personal time. They want to be stress-free.

Consider a fan who wishes to meet his idol.

‘’….All I wanted was an autograph and a selfie…’’ — alternatively, a voter who wants to express support and shake the hand of a potential leader.

When only a few people are involved, harmless intentions offer no immediate threat. An incident is most likely to occur in these situations due to unrestrained crowds.

Other VIPs may have bodyguards to defend them from more serious threats such as kidnapping or assassination. These risks necessitate a unique strategy because they frequently have little to do with crowd control.

The following are the primary reasons why Celebrities hire a bodyguard:

  • Personal protection (covert or overt)
  • Protection of staff, family, etc.
  • Celebrity image protection
  • Crowd management

Each Security Approach is Unique

Everyone is, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind. Even superstars and VIPs are one-of-a-kind. There are no two rock bands alike. Protecting a world-famous musician necessitates a different strategy than protecting a well-known politician.

We all know that the president of a country requires different security measures than the president of a multinational corporation.

Even if a Celebrity appears in public as a single individual, they are almost certainly not the only ones who require security. Personal assistants, directors, advisors, managers, and other staff personnel are required for most famous singers, political leaders, and athletes to execute their duties. They also engage with their relatives and friends, who may require protection in some situations.

Aside from a Celebrity’s distinctiveness, everyone has a different function in life, a different purpose, and a different aim. With it comes a particular audience, target demographic, or fan base. The challenge is defined by the combination of the celebrities’ goal and their audience. A politician explaining his controversial objective on a podium, for example, would demand a different level of security than a boy band performing in front of a crowd of screaming adolescent ladies.

Types of Celebrities hiring Close Protective Services

Close protection is a specialist service provided mostly to:

  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Models
  • Athletes
  • Entertainers
  • Actors
  • Fashion designers
  • Politicians
  • News correspondents / anchors
  • Business executives

How does a Celebrity Close Protection work?

The first (and most crucial) responsibility for a VIP security firm is to acquire detailed information from the Celebrity’s personal assistant or management about the Celebrity’s wants and requirements. The approach to protection can only be ideal if the knowledge is extensive and up to date. Private specialist security firms have the knowledge and experience to know exactly what information is needed to design a strategic protection plan.

Selecting a team of licensed close protection officers, meeting with all parties involved, visiting the residence, hotel, and venues, arranging means (e.g., cars, technical equipment, CCTV, etc.), planning escape routes, and arranging medical support in the event of an emergency are just a few of the additional responsibilities. Planning is crucial in all of this.

Nowadays, digital security is a must-consider consideration. Keeping track of the Celebrity’s online image as well as the responses or reactions allows for a better understanding of the target demographic. It’s a type of behavioural intelligence that may be used online and offline. Security officials observe body language and facial expressions that stand out in a crowd. If someone does not fit in with the rest of the group, they may be considered a threat and may be studied further.

Hiring A bodyguard – Advantages

In high-risk situations, VIP security officers act discreetly and competently. They don’t make a big deal out of it. VIP protection service professionals can perform with the utmost discretion because of their excellent planning, networking, and research methods.

The following are some of the advantages of hiring close protection:

  • A bodyguard can rapidly determine a person’s motivations: The experts are well-versed in the psychology of crooks, opportunists, and other people with hidden agendas.
  • A bodyguard can deter assailants: Possessing a weapon is frequently enough to deter an assailant. The bodyguards are usually all physically fit and receive continuing security training on responding swiftly and effectively in high-stress situations.
  • A bodyguard can aid you in the following ways: VIP security services strive to provide you with peace of mind so that you may concentrate on your business, connecting with people, and being productive.
  • A bodyguard will look for flaws: Before assisting his clients, the Celebrity personal security guards perform extensive planning and investigation. They map out all conceivable hazards and vulnerabilities by analyzing transportation routes and itineraries.
  • A bodyguard will assist you in crowd control: You can never be sure that crowds are completely safe as a VIP or star. They organize access and departure points, establish departmental liaisons, and create contingency plans and event security levels.
  • A bodyguard will protect VIP/Celebrity: They have been taught to use weapons expertly in countries where the use of guns is allowed by Law. They are certified in First Aid, Basic Life Support (BLS) and have a unique set of skills such as body language and driving techniques for emergency situations.
  • A bodyguard is quick to react: The celebrity protection service employees are adept at moving quickly in an emergency. Mostly their team consists of past or current military veterans or police officers who have been professionally trained, qualified, and insured.


Who can Provide such protection?

Private security companies can provide this level of specialist protection by employing licensed close protection officers.

Companies that operate and the highest of standards have extensive recruiting procedures in place in order to hire highly skilled and licensed close protection officers. Every company has its own recruiting procedures and quality management system in place.

Officers with a background in the intelligence services, the police force, or the military are preferred for close protective roles.

The significance of discretion cannot be overstated. It’s why celebrities may have something resembling a private life while achieving their objectives. Not simply when things go according to plan, but also in critical, tough, or impromptu situations.

During the planning and operational hours of protection, it’s all about finding the best method and striking a balance between what’s needed—both for calm and stressful circumstances, as well as for incidents.

The best way to safeguard a celebrity is to be ready for anything! Here at SPARTAN, we are uniquely expertise to provide this kind of security to our clients.


Spartan Elite Security Limited

SPARTAN was established in 2017 by an ex-special forces officer and is widely regarded as London’s best bodyguard service. Our primary focus is upon the safety of our clients; hence we provide personal protective security, also known as bodyguard services. From our headquarters in Central London, we supply ex-military licensed bodyguards fully compliant with the British Standards Institution’s code of practice BS7858:2019.

All of our personnel are highly qualified and experienced with a background from the Armed Forces.

We primarily serve in London, but we also serve the rest of the United Kingdom and can travel anywhere in the world if necessary.

Why Choose SPARTAN?

Spartan is an elite company. We engage the very best of personnel with unique skill sets from the professional security industry.

We recruit extensively from the Armed Forces, Special Forces and engage specialist civilians to complete a multi-tiered security solution.

We set considerable standards and benchmarks and our rich client base is a reflection of the professionalism of our services.

The following groups make up the majority of our clients:

  • Celebrities
  • VIP Personalities
  • Corporations
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Any of these Individuals’ or Enterprises’ Families

Advantages of SPARTAN Services

SPARTAN provides the best bodyguard services in London, dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind and the finest degree of security. We offer both residential and business security services to guarantee that we cover all aspects of your life.

SPARTAN is managed by and has a team of military experience professionals.  We are highly adept at assessing, managing, and reducing threats, unlike most other security organisations.

Thanks to our ex-special forces and ex-military backgrounds, we’ve pioneered a unique strategy to protect our clients. We excel at premium risk mitigation, intelligence, and providing protected solutions by combining our abilities, subtlety, and knowledge. We are revolutionizing the personal security and surveillance market, and unlike most, we are fully equipped with all of the combat training and weapons handling abilities necessary to protect you from today’s threats.


Our clients are always at the centre of our operations, and we strive to enhance our services on a regular basis to ensure your complete satisfaction and safety. Our key values for our bodyguard services in London, the United Kingdom, and internationally are:

Communication – in our work area, precise and effective lines of communication are critical. All of our team members are excellent listeners and can effectively absorb instructions in order to provide the best security services possible.

Privacy: Due to the intimate nature of personal protection, all of our team members treat any personal or sensitive information you provide them with the utmost discretion so that they can execute their services. You may relax knowing that the information you share with us will not be shared with anyone else.

Dedication: We are committed to offering our clients the most outstanding quality services, which has led to the development of strong long-term relationships with individuals with whom we work to give the most satisfactory protection.

Professionalism: Regardless of who we are working with, whether our clients are high-profile public figures or high-net-worth individuals, we always maintain a high level of professionalism in how we present ourselves in terms of personal appearance and resources, including our vehicles.

Prevention and Adaptability: Due to the ever-changing nature of potential risks, our team has adopted and continuously assesses risk management to remain flexible and adaptable, ensuring that we are always prepared to safeguard your safety.

Reliability: We provide our services as needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will always be there when you need us.

Innovative: With the ongoing advancement of technology, there is a greater need for innovation. At SPARTAN, we are constantly working to enhance our safety management skills so that we can deal with new threats before they become apparent and dangerous.

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