Premier Security Protection In The Nation’s Capital

Spartan Elite Security has developed a ten-fold increase in our London bodyguard services over the last year.

Although providing consistent top-end security services in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, our growth within London and Greater London shows no signs of dissipating as we expand our operations.

We have secured new Clients in key areas of London to include Mayfair and Kensington. As such we now have dedicated managers who are on-hand 24 hours a day to assist with our Clients’ needs.

Although the predominance of our key bodyguard services is confidential, we have in part, been able to provide some testimonials within our website or others are available upon request.

Working with our specialist security consultants we have invested in new quality management processes allowing us to tender at a far higher level than before. This has opened new doors within the Close Protection sector, allowing us to work with key organisations, namely to provide a more robust and complete service.

Standards Of Close Protection Personnel.

All of our Close Executive Protection team are highly qualified individuals. It is true that many training courses are currently available so that the applicant, if successful in their training, can apply for a Level 3 Close Protection license provided by the Security Industry Authority.

Although this is the domestic mandatory standard, to allow the license holder to work legally in Close Protection in the United Kingdom and some British contacts abroad; it is just an entry-level requirement.

Although we encourage new and exceptional people into the security industry, having the right qualification is just the start.

Spartan Elite Security team members, whether they are engaged in Level 2 security operations or higher risk Level 3 Close Protection operations are all screened, vetted, assessed and interviewed prior to any deployment. We ensure all candidates suitability that they are fit for purpose, qualified and have the necessary physical and mental resources to work in the demands of modern Bodyguard services.

Expansion Of Bodyguard Services In London

Our dedicated managers are currently responsible for the security of high net worth individuals, securing installations, securing properties in the national interest as well as protecting key profiled men and women who are in the public interest.

Spartan Elite Security’s professionalism is well travelled and our reputation is set with key decision-makers and our Clients.

We will continue to grow and develop our Bodyguard and Close Protection services in London, in doing so we will extend our quality management systems, benchmarking and providing the highest calibre of security excellence.

If you have any questions regarding our Close Protection Services in London please visit our contact us page here.

Alternatively, email us in confidence at or call us at +44 (0) 2038882020.

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