Residential security and protection services in London

The residential security team (RST) is the team of specialist protection officers licensed in close protection that are in charge of the security for the residence of a principal client.

Our residential security teams have exceptional diligence skills. Operating with complete integrity they will provide a security service that either protects the home and properties of our principal clients or they will secure temporary accommodation places such as country houses, hotels and flats.

With recent media highlighting security-related problems at the homes of people especially within the public eye, SPARTAN can provide an effective solution. Social media often advertises when principal clients and especially those who hold a celebrity status are away from their homes, sometimes these plans are advertised months ahead. With the advent of Google maps and other modern-day media, it is possible for organised criminal activity to research vulnerable areas and assess whether you have security or not.

Our first step in providing you with residential security service is thoroughly surveying the relevant sites to identify potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities, both internally, and externally on its perimeters and peripheries.

After a survey has been conducted, we will support you in improving security infrastructure (if necessary) and are able to provide services such as guard dogs and handlers, and close protection-trained security guards.

Residential team members would usually work from one location with their primary focus upon protecting not just the residence and contents but also as a deterrent to any undesirable element.

Our team are uniformed or can be presented as you require, they can be high or low profile ensuring that your assets are constantly monitored. Whether it be from a security room or base of operations or through diligent patrolling, we can provide 24 hours coverage.

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