Specialist Security Services for Students

The new academic year just started and our student personal protection services in London are in high demand. We recognise in a competitive educational environment that high academic standards need to be achieved without any hindrance or other external factors or influence.

Spartan Elite is not a name of choice but one that has been earned. Elite also applies to education and future achievements. We can oversee and assist to ensure future success for your loved one’s education.

The United Kingdom has hundreds of years of reputation of academic achievements; from our internationally respected universities to private schooling.

However; sending your loved ones to another country can create some uncertainty and anxiety; you will seek reassurance of safety.

The length and breadth of England, Wales and Scotland offers unique and specialist schooling, all covering the sphere of academic qualifications. Our team of experts are based throughout the United Kingdom with local geographical knowledge to ensure safety and a secure and sterile learning environment.

Our team are qualified in executive protection protocols, first aid response and have other unique Military training that we select and predetermine prior to commencement of the assignment. In essence, we select the very best in security operatives and pair them to your exact needs.

Our male and female team are screened and vetted in line with UK standards and law. We have team members that hold medical qualifications and a variety of language skills.

We welcome you to contact us directly and we can detail to you; first hand of how we provide this very important specialist security service. We are confident that we have the answers for you as we continue to set benchmark standards that we bring to the security industry.


All UK educational institutions now have safeguarding policies and practices.

We can work directly with the college, university or private school of choice and liaise with their safeguarding team to ensure proactive security.

If student accommodation is not provided within a secured campus or halls of residence; your own peace of mind may require the service of Spartan Elite.

No one assignment is the same and at the outset we will need to understand your exact needs so we can protect your loved ones during their academic studies and travelling.

Although all of our team are highly vetted and qualified; you or your representatives are very welcome to interview our team members. The interview process can take place via Skype or other online communications system or we can arrange interviews for you in person within the UK.

There can be logistical considerations if you or your representatives are unable to meet within the UK. You may also choose not to conduct interviews or assessments online.

Our CEO can travel to you at the outset to have a personal meeting with you for extra reassurance; he can then undertake a full assessment of your needs and concerns.

We wish to stress that our executive protection security team comprises of male and female operatives. All are qualified to the same level and are available as part of the interview process.


Spartan has a unique quality management system and all of our team sign our own internal policies regarding codes of conduct, due diligence and confidentially. (All documents are available for your inspection should you request it).

If you instruct Spartan Elite to provide executive protection services for you or your family members, we will provide you with an extensive method of operation plan that is yours to keep as a reference point for the future.

As part of our commitment and due diligence, we will provide you with a Non Disclosure Agreement ensuring confidential services throughout our working relationship and for perpetuity.

All documents and any official communications between us can also be provided within your chosen language or preference.


Our assessment of the understanding of your needs will determine how we perform our security duties. The range and scope of protective security provision can be as extensive or as light as you require.

We will take into account your instructions regarding:

  • Language performance and communications. Many of our elite security team are from all over the world and speak a variety of languages. You may request that we provide bilingual security operatives.
  • You can specify to us how you would like for us to report back to you. Reporting will include any unique circumstances or associations as well as location reporting as to where your child has been.
    Reporting and frequency of reporting would be agreed in advance.
  • Executive Vehicle Provision. We have qualified security drivers that are experienced in the regular use of a variety of VIP executive vehicles. This includes armoured vehicles and transporters.

After an understanding of your needs we can provide executive vehicles or security specialists with advance driver skills.

If you already have your own vehicles situated within the UK; we will request that our drivers are added to your insurance.

We work alongside a variety of specialist vehicle companies and can providing exactly what you vehicular requirements are.

Our vehicle service can be on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to escort your loved one/s. We can provide quotations for any duration and this will include travelling charges outside of the M25 in London as well as any city congestion charges.

We can also provide delivery and collection services from all major and private airports.

End Of Term Closure

Depending on whether your loved one is returning home during summer breaks and recesses; we can remain in service if you require.

This includes 24 hours security protection as well as escorting services if necessary. We also have residential security specialists that we engage solely for this service.

If your loved one is returning home to you during recess and their accommodation is within a secured campus; you may wish to engage us on a term by term basis.

If not we can provide a full residential security service.

If you have any questions regarding the safety of members of your family undertaking academic studies within the United Kingdom. Please contact us securely and in confidence at info@spartanelitesecurity.co.uk

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